Case Study


Alchemist is a Private Equity backed learning and development company, specialising in blended, interactive and experiential learning experiences. It was formed following the acquisition of two independent training businesses – Interact (an experiential learning business) and Apex (a sales training business).

In early 2023, Alchemist had been experiencing significant growth and, while this was great news, the team were also experiencing the tensions that growth brings. CEO Stu Packham decided that for this growth to be sustainable, he needed to develop a strategy which would align the team and provide a framework to prioritise where attention should be focussed.

Laura worked with the team to create a 360 View of the business and a Big Growth Ambition. This identified the Must Win Games for 2023/4 – these four priorities were called “The Alchemist Way”.

Laura led the development of a revised Value Proposition and the commercial capability training and credentials to support it.

The outcomes


A 3-year ambition and strategy to achieve it, with a clear direction of travel for FY23-24 and FY24-25. The Alchemist team are aligned behind this and use it as a framework to make tactical decisions while growing at pace.


A clear Value Proposition which has the buy in of both clients and the whole team and will underpin the Brand Strategy.


The Commercial Team are aligned behind a single sales process and upskilled to deliver it.


Existing client revenue growth is significantly ahead of target and the team are on track to exceed Revenue and EBITDA targets.

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“Working with Laura has been transformational for us as a business – we had known for some time that we needed to create a clear strategy and plan, and to ensure that our value proposition aligned to this.

Laura has guided us through this process at pace, whilst ensuring that she has the full engagement and commitment of the senior team at each of the key stages of the project.

She has a unique ability to fully understand the scope of a challenge, and translate this into a clear action plan which is both achievable and easy to understand. Equally important to me is alignment with culture and values – and it became apparent very early on that Laura is someone I would enjoy working with. In my role as CEO her knowledge, approach and willingness to listen have, and continue to be, invaluable.”

Stu Packham
CEO, Alchemist

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