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Strategy Consulting

We work with business leaders who want to grow their business, whether that is to increase earnings, create opportunities, or to prepare for re-financing and exit.

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Big Growth Ambition

We work with you and your leadership team to develop your Big Growth Ambition. It helps to be specific about what you want business growth to deliver for your team. By looking at your ambition through the lenses of your people, clients, and investors, we create a rich picture of what growth will give you. Being specific helps you and your team to envisage the future state and shifts your mindset.

360 View

We then take a 360 View of your business.  We talk to your senior team, your clients and your people to develop a picture of how the business is performing now.  We look at opportunities and threats in the market.

Using our shared understanding of your market, business and opportunities, we work with your senior leadership team to develop, evaluate, and select pathways to achieve your Big Growth Ambition. We then compare this with the 360 View and agree the Must Win Games – key strategic priorities which will deliver the plan.

The Must Win Games form the basis of your 3-year plan and Plan on a Page for the next year.  This acts as a road map for you and your team to help you focus on the big picture while in the thick of delivering the immediate priorities.

We can support with strategic execution including:

  • Go-to-Market strategy
  • Communications and Engagement
  • Change Management
  • Sales Enablement and Marketing strategy
  • Chairing meetings to keep the plan on track

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“Laura has a unique ability to fully understand the scope of a challenge and translate this into a clear action plan which is both achievable and easy to understand.”

Stu Packham
CEO, Alchemist

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