Wise Daruma family

What is a Daruma?

A Daruma is a traditional Japanese doll which is used when initiating a new goal or endeavour.

At the start of the project, one iris of the doll is painted. This represents the Daruma watching to ensure the goal is progressed.

Wise Daruma eyes project sequence

The second iris is painted in when the goal is completed. The Daruma is then burned in celebration.

Our Daruma is Wise because goals alone are not enough. Setting the wrong goals can be damaging. To really achieve success, goals need to be developed using the wisdom gained from context, experience, and prioritisation.

Durama can come in various colours signifying different attributes:

Good Luck (Red)

Health & Longevity (Purple)

Health & Vitality (Green)

Wealth & Prosperity (Gold)

Success in Business (Black)

Purity & Peace (White)

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