Wise Daruma is a strategy consultancy which helps learning and professional services companies to grow.

We partner with the business leaders to design their Big Growth Ambition and identify the strategic priorities to deliver this.

We develop the “Plan on a Page” which is the road map for everyone in the business to share line of sight to the Big Growth Ambition.

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We help to make the plan a living document within the business, supporting with strategic execution and management.

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Our clients include:

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Strategy Consulting

Running a growing business is exciting and demanding in equal measure. It can be tough to create the space to think about the future direction when you are delivering the day-to-day.

At Wise Daruma, we partner with you to develop your Big Growth Ambition and analyse how your business is currently performing through the lens of your people, your clients, and your investors. We then work with the senior leadership team to align around agreed strategic priorities and develop a “Plan on a Page”.

We can support with strategic execution in specific workstreams including Go-to-Market strategy, Communications and Engagement, Change Management, and Sales Enablement and Marketing strategy. We also can support in chairing meetings to keep the plan on track while leaders are focussed on delivering the immediate priorities.


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“Laura has a unique ability to fully understand the scope of a challenge and translate this into a clear action plan which is both achievable and easy to understand.”

Stu Packham
CEO, Alchemist

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Leadership Team Facilitation

It is hard to work on the strategy when you are the person leading the process. You do not always have the space to consider the issues because you are trying to make sure all the voices are heard and the direction is captured. We work with Leadership Teams to facilitate powerful conversations about the future of the business. We provide structure and focus on outcomes so that you make the most of the time that you are investing in being together.

Sometimes teams have ways of working in meetings which have become embedded over several years and are accepted practice. These ways of working may no longer serve the needs of the business. We can lead and chair meetings to improve decision making, discussion, and productivity.


Executive Coaching

As a leader of a fast-growing business, you are making decisions all the time. It can be challenging to create the space to stand back and reflect.  Executive coaching creates the space for this reflection. Through skilful questioning techniques, we work with you as you create clear goals and work out the actions that you want to take to achieve them.


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“After only a few sessions together, I had a written business plan and sense of confidence that was able to propel me to take the actions I needed to expand and move the business forward.”

Vicky Thornley
Managing Director, Woodland Park Lodges

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Thought Partnering

Leading a growing business is often an isolated position. Although you work closely with your team, it is difficult to discuss sensitive business challenges with your colleagues when the outcome might affect them.

At Wise Daruma, we can partner with you to reflect on your business and the growth journey that you are on. Through questioning, listening, and acting as a sounding board, we can support you as you identify and make important decisions in a confidential, non-judgemental environment.