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The Farm

Consultancy Services:

Forest management planning
Forestry Commission and other grant schemes
Woodland creation
Carbon sequestration advice and auditing
Forest inventories

Practical Woodland Management and Intervention:

Large and small scale thinning and felling
Tree and hedge planting
Coppicing and coppice restoration
Habitat, scrub and ride management
Invasive species control

Forest Management Planning

Forest management plans are an integral element to the successful and sustainable management of woods and forests and provide a number of benefits for woodland owners:

• They form a working document from which objectives can be drawn to enhance the environmental, social and economic value of the forest.

• The plan enables clear communication between all relevant stakeholders and is therefore essential in limiting potentially costly mistakes.

• A forest management plan provides access to felling licence’s enabling the works highlighted within the plan to be carried out in compliance with the law for a 10 year duration.

• They ensure that all legally designated species and habitats are protected.

• The management plan opens access to other Forestry Commission grants and is a requirement for the certification of sustainable timber.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that their forestry requirements are met.

Forestry Commission and other grant schemes

The Countryside Stewardship Scheme (CS) and other grants provided by the Forestry Commission are available to help with various forestry activities.

These include woodland management planning, woodland creation, CO2 sequestration, woodland improvement, invasive species control and addressing forest health issues.

Through navigation of the grant schemes, we will ensure the landowner receives the income available to support these activities.

Woodland Creation

The government target of planting 30,000ha of new woodland per year by 2025, backed by substantial grant funding and a growing carbon market means that woodland creation can be a realistic option to diversify landowners income whilst enhancing local biodiversity value.

We can provide a complete woodland creation service and secure all relevant grants, including registration with the Woodland Carbon Code (WCC), to maximise the projects financial viability.

Woodland Conservation and Forest Health Assessments

Woodland conservation can be described as an approach to woodland management that protects, restores and enhances the current natural environment.

Through surveying your woodland we can determine any potential threats and offer advice on the measures required to address any issues.

Forest Inventories

Our inventory and mensuration service will inform the landowner of the volume of saleable timber within their woodland.

It can also provide essential support for future management decisions with regard to silvicultural system selection.

We can provide accurate inventories for all types of forest stand, bringing together the primary information to inform forest management practices and to realise the true value of the forest resource.